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The following I/O cards are available for the RTP Critical Control & Safety System (SIL-3):

Analog cards

31078-Channel Isolated Thermocouple Card 16-Bit A/D (SIL-2, SIL-3 Redundant)
31088-Channel Isolated Differential High Level AI Card, 16-Bit A/D, 1KHz scan rate (SIL-2, SIL-3 Redundant)
31098-Channel Isolated Differential Low Level AI Card, 16-Bit A/D (SIL-2, SIL-3 Redundant)
3110, 3111, 31208-Channel Differential 10 ohm RTD Card, 16-Bit A/D, 41Hz scan rate
312116-Channel 16 Bit Analog Output Card, current or voltage (SIL-3), optional HART
312632-Channel Digital/Analog Input Card (SIL-3)
3144, 3145, 314616 Ch Analog Output Card, Voltage +/- 10V (SIL-3)
3150- 3151, 315232 Ch Analog Input Card +/- 10V (SIL-3)

Digital Cards

312632-Channel Digital/Analog Input Card (SIL-3)
313216-Channel Digital Output Card, 120/240 VAC (SIL-2, SIL-3 Redundant)
3133, 3131, 313312-Channel Isolated Relay Output Card, Non-Latching Power Relays, (SIL-3)                                               
313432 Channel Relay Card 24Vdc/120/240Vac
314732 Ch Digital Input Card 24 (SIL-3)
315332Ch Supervised Digital Input (SIL-3)
315932 Ch Digital Output Card, 24 VDC (SIL-3)
31428-Channel Pulse Input Card, SIL-2 or Non-Interfering
30194-Port Modbus Serial Card