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Runs Faster

Our 49 years of experience in the controls industry allows us to build a better product.  RTP applies technology to critical control and safety applications better than any other company in the world.

The process industry has been conditioned to believe that speed is not important, but that’s just not true.

In control applications, no one would argue that the closer the Process Variable is kept to the set point, the better.  That will mean higher quality or less waste or less off-spec product.  All of those things are good and all of those things are a function of speed.  All too often, we use expensive offline process optimization packages simply because the controls systems being used aren’t capable of controlling the process in real time.  This is not a problem with the RTP 3000.  Run your process under tighter control and increase profitability.

In safety applications, a fault should be cleared as quickly as possible.  With many so called state-of-the-art SIS systems, this can be 200 to 500 Milliseconds.  The RTP 3000 TAS has a response time of 12-16 Milliseconds, more than 90% faster.  A faster shutdown can mean less damage or no damage to equipment, personnel, and the environment.  If the process can really stand a longer response time, the 3000 can verify the fault condition over multiple scans preventing an unnecessary shutdown due to spurious information.  So speed in control applications means less damage or fewer spurious trips.  In other words, less cost for the end user.

How can the RTP 3000 TAS be so much faster than other systems?  Simply put, RTP applies technology better.  First, the RTP 3000 TAS has more processing power.  With the combination of powerful Intel microprocessors, independent communications channels, and RISC based processors, RTP brings more processing power to the task.  Then, as the application grows, additional processing power is added.  So the processing capability grows with the application enabling both higher performance and advanced diagnostics.

Speed does matter.  That’s why the RTP 3000 TAS RUNS FASTER.