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Costs Less

RTP entered the SIS market with a stated goal being to bring down the cost of Safety Systems.

SIS systems are a necessary part of many industrial processes, but they should be affordable. 
RTP strives to make that happen.

All RTP hardware and software is produced by RTP at its corporate facility in Pompano Beach, FL.  By keeping this activity in house, implementing best in class manufacturing techniques and make low-cost manufacturing a corporate competency, RTP is able to provide an advanced product at a reduced price reducing the capital cost involved in the initial purchase of a system.

Our unique software licensing policy which sells each user an unlimited site license on our comprehensive NetSuite software package further reduces capital costs.  There are absolutely no limits on the use of the NetSuite package as long as it is used on the site to which it is licensed.

365 day a year, 24 hour a day phone support is included in the cost of the product.  There are no support contracts to purchase.  Software upgrades are included in the site license fee.  There is no software subscription service.  As new releases are completed, they are made available at no extra cost to all licensed users.

We believe our products are so good that you’ll want to buy more and we believe that you should only pay us money when you want to buy things.  There should be no ongoing ownership fees.

So, RTP saves you money on the initial purchase price of the hardware and software that you buy, and RTP saves you money on the ongoing cost of ownership.

Or, as we say, RTP products COST LESS.