Critical Control & Safety (SIL-3) Systems


RTP industrial I/O systems for safety applications, process control, 
remote control, data acquisition, SCADA, event recording, distributed control and telemetry. 
Freedom of configuration with:

   • The broadest I/O line 

   • A selection of firmware  

   • A choice of network protocols

to have your: 

   • Distributed Control System 

   • Safety System (SIL-3)  

   • Telemetry & remote control Unit 

   • Advanced Data-acquisition system

with the highest speed, highest availability and highest integrity.

RTP, with proven technology

   • Over 47 years in power plants, process industries, railways, metals and 

         other real time operations and simulators

   • Qualified for 40 years design life under NUREG Class 1E conditions

   • with the RTP3000-Q over 50.000 years MTBF



Why choose RTP?
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