Critical Control & Safety (SIL-3) Systems

RTP announces the 3200 Series of Analog and Digital I/O cards (PDF)

The 3200 Series I/O cards are the next phase of RTP's continuing expansion of the TAS system.
These cards have been designed to the same rigorous design requirements as the 3100 series I/O.

To keep the cards at a competitive price, the expensive safety certification has not been applied for. However, the unique design of these cards allow them to co-exist with safety I/O cards in the same chassis, communicating on the same bus, to the same processors and not interfere with the safety operation of the SIS.
Additionally, all I/O communications are subjected to the same extensive diagnostics.

The 3200 series I/O offers the same outstanding performance, providing high-speed sampling of 1000 times a second, with a 1 millisecond SOE resolution for both digital and analog inputs.

Click the following link to view the 
3200 Series IO datasheet.

RTP announces the introduction of the RTP 3000 TAS TÜV approved Critical Control and Safety system


RTP announces the introduction of the 3000 TAS (Technologically Advanced System), TÜV approved safety system.

The 3000 TAS is approved for SIL-1 to SIL-3 applications and is certified to IEC61508-2010 achieving a new level of availability and integrity. It can be used as a stand-alone safety controller, as a distributed control system for critical applications, or both functions can be combined in a 3000 TAS controller. 

The RTP3000 TAS is the newest member of the RTP family of systems and uses the same advanced techniques as its predecessors, the 2500 and 3000, offers higher performance then its predecessors, and adds a greater level of diagnostics to be able to perform proper diagnostics in a severely noisy environment. This ensures that the process is protected and -equally important- the 99.9999% (6 NINES) availability insures that expensive downtime is eliminated.

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TAS BrochureTÜV certificate, or the report on the certificate.


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